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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chicken noodle Soup

Eileen asked me for my crock pot recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup and it couldn't be easier.

I saved bones from all the chicken we have eaten to fill a gallon sized ziploc and froze them until I used them today.

I put the bones in the crock pot, used a box of chicken stock, which is about 4 cups and then filled the box with water so about 4 cups of water as well. This was enough to cover the bones. I cut an onion in quarters, i chopped 5 ribs of celery into thirds and put a third of a bag of mini carrots. Salt and pepper about a tblsp each--more if u prefer. I simmered on low for about 7 hours then removed the bones and picked off any left over meat. I also removed the large pieces of veg and put into a bowl. I then strained the liquid into a large bowl and picked through the chicken in the strainer for meat. I threw away all the bones and added the liquid, meat, and veg back into the crock pot. I also added a chicken breast I had cooked and froze for the soup. I cooked it on low for another hour. I boiled noodles in a pot and added them to the crock pot when finished.

The bones add a depth to the stock I used and make the water blend better.


I made grilled cheese sandwiches with swiss and american cheese on asiago bread from Panera. YUM.


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