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Sunday, December 19, 2010

video game education?

I hope you watched these powerful videos. I am a veteran teacher with 2 master's degree. One in admin and supervision and one in ESL and educational technology. I am also a mother of a four yr old who could teach her teachers how to use technology. She proficiently uses an ipod touch, A first generation ipod, tivo, wii, laptops, desktops, tv, vcr and dvd players.

SO many people say that video games are ruining our children. I actually don't agree. I think technology is a powerful tool in teaching our children. My daughter is addicted to wii! Some of you may be horrified that a 4 yr old could be addicted to Wii but I think with supervision and guidance video games can be educational.

While my daughter plays Wii, she READS the sentences and directions as they pop up on the screen --yes FOUR years old-- she reads everything, everywhere we go. She also counts, adds and subtracts when she gains or loses coins in games. She also has to use logic and reasoning skills for these games (should I eat a power candy now or wait until later). I am usually playing the games with her and making her aware of the concepts as she moves through the games.

I think even children who don't have guidance with the games use these skills, though they just don't realize and make a connection to the concepts because of a lack of supervision. If you watch a child who is below level in reading, they will be able to play, and often win, video games with ease. The problem usually stems in a classroom because they are not making a connection between what they just did on the video game to what they are learning.

I have found that when I incorporate technology in my lessons, my students are more apt to pay attention and it promotes engagement because they ALL want to do something on the smartboard or the computer. Smart boards allow me to use color and highlight concepts that I want the students to pay close attention to as well.

How much technology do you allow your child to use?

Could your child teach you about technology?

Do you still think video games are the root of evil after reading this and watching the videos?

I welcome a great conversation!


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