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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

poached eggs

ok I recently discovered eggs benedict and fell in love. I thought it is simple enough to make myself until I tried to make the egg. I looked online for directions on how to make a poached egg and my dad told me how to do it BUT they never came out cooked in the white part and runny in the middle. I am very particular about eggs. This morning I made poached eggs to go on top of Mt Monseure for breakfast and they were PERFECT!! It actually happened by mistake but a perfected egg came of it.

I boiled water (about 2 cups) in a small pot. Once the water was at a small boil, I realized I didnt put my eggs in yet. I put them in and waited three mins then checked them and they were PERFECT. I was so excited.

Oh, and a mt monseure is ham and swiss on good bread and toasted under the broiler with an egg on top--i like poached but you can fry an egg too.




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