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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


What is money--I never have any and I am tired of NOT having any. I had an itunes gift card and was able to purchase Suze Orman's Financial Freedom and The Secret DVD by Rhonda Birn. Both were suggested to me and I am listening to Orman's book right now.

So far she has told us to think of a money memory. My memories are topped with a bookbag. I had THE ugliest camoflague green bookbag while i was in school and I HATED IT. I never had a cute little schoolbag like the other girls and I didn't have cool sneakers or clothes like other kids.

I find that my daughter does not want for anything. I promised myself that my children would not be in the "poor" situation that I found myself when I was growing up. My daughter will be able to participate in soccer and dance and go on school trips and will have cool clothes and sneaks. I do not want her to have negative feelings about money as I do.

Suze Orman is now discussing changing your memory to a positive one. I will keep you posted as to what my new outlook looks like when I figure it out!

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  1. I am still working on a positive memory to replace my negative but it is not so easy.
    I have to say that living paycheck to paycheck sucks and I am feeling a little helpless right now. I am trying to continue to have a positive outlook but some days are better than others!