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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Famous Footwear contest

This is my entry for the famous footwear contest.

What is something that has turned you into a NEW you?

I think THE greatest thing that transformed me was my not so great childhood. I grew up in a household w/ an alcoholic stepfather and a not so supportive mom. I did see my dad and he was my rock & savior. I have always been an independent person & very opinionated. They didn’t like that. My dad nurtured my indep. W/o details about what happened growing up it involved verbal and physical abuse. I always looked for ways to "escape" from the life I didn't want to be a part of. I buried myself into school and friends.
It paid off. These unfortunate circumstances made me driven. I am now have 4 college degrees from top colleges & prepared to start my doctorate in 2 years. I think these circumstances have also allowed me to become a wonderful mom.
I have shown my daughter in her 5 yrs that her mom is a strong, intelligent, self sufficient woman. That has turned out to be priceless and will effect my daughter by allowing her to grow into the same. She is already a strong, intelligent, self sufficient girl that’s opinionated just like me. I can't wait to see what a successful part of society she will become.
I am proud of myself for overcoming an adverse situation & becoming successful. I hope that young girls who find themselves in the same situation can read this & know that they are not destined to continue a cycle of abuse. Overcome Adversity!

What has transformed you?


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  1. Wow Dawn - you just brought me to tears. You ARE an amazing woman! I am so glad to have you as a friend. love ya!